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What headphone or headset should we buy for kids?

There are hundreds of headphone for kids available in online market. However, we as parents are confuse and not sure which one to choose. I have listed 5 headphones that has good design and decent sound at affordable price.

5 Headphones for Kids

VPLONG Monster Stereo Headphone

VPLONG Kid safe Headphones has a perfect monster design on its side. This headphone has a volume limit technology which prevents kids hearing damage. The volume is only limited up to 85dB as maximum volume which provides a safe and optimal listening experience for iOS, Android or a PC users.

The headphone offers the ability share music with their friends by connecting another earphones or headset to VPLONG’s built in audio jack. It has a decent sound as well.

MPOW CHE1 Kids Headphones

MPOW CHE1 has an excellent sound at a appropriate volume for your kid. It inspires you kids’ interests in music and study in a safe environment. CHE1 has a built-in volume limit at 94dB which protect kids’ hearing from too loud noises.

MPOW CH1S Kids Headphones On-Ear

MPOW CH1S headphones has a volume limiting technology which allows your kids to adjust the most comfortable and suitable volume for themselves. Furthermore, the control button provides convenience to pick up and hang up any phone calls or skip the song.

MPOW headphone has a feature to protect your little kids’ hearing with the limited volume design of 85 decibels. In addition, The 85 decibels sound is the safest volume or the maximum noise level for kids and recommended by FCC. This headphone is suitable and recommended for toddlers and youth teens ages 3 and up.

Cat Ear Headset with LED lights

This Cat Ear Headset with LED lights is no doubt one of the top choices of kids because of its design. However, it does not have volume limit technology.

The good thing about this headset is that it allows your kids to use it as a wired or a wireless headphone;furthermore, it is fold-able. It has a micro-SD card which can play music.

Unicorn Wired Headset

If you kids’ favorite character or animal is a unicorn then they would definitely love this headphone. It is a lightweight, folding , swivel design – padded headphone and ear cushions. However, it does not have volume limit technology.


To conclude, VPLONG and MPOW headphones has the most decent sound and recommended for kids since it has volume limit. However, Cat and Unicorn headphone has most cute design.

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