Poor teaching skills? Here are 5 efficient home school learning tools

How to teach boring lessons?

Have you ever heard about home school learning tools and materials? In order to become an efficient teacher, we need to have an effective way to get children’s attention. What can be the best and easiest way to get it? It’s simply art, play and games!

Here the tools inspired by Montessori’s sandpaper tracing letters and numbers that enable children to feel the shape with their fingers, as result it is committing the form to their muscle memory. Kids can use the stylus to trace letters and numbers correctly with the help of directional arrows as their guidance. Use intelligence sticks to teach number counting, colors, subtraction, addition and other math operations. Let’s make teaching environment to be something enjoyable, fun and interesting!

5 Home school learning tools

1. Magnetic Writing Board (Capital Letters)

An easy to use learning tool for writing capital letters. Please check and watch the full tutorial and review here.

Magnetic writing board capital letter home school learning tools

2. Magnetic Writing Board (Small Letters)

This magnetic writing board for writing small letters comes handy thanks to its simple letter stroke guidance. Please check and watch the full tutorial and review here.

Magnetic writing board small letter home school learning tools

3. Magnetic Writing Board (Numbers)

Counting numbers is one of the most basic lesson we teach to our kids. Today, writing numbers will be much easier for our kids. Please check and watch the full tutorial and review here.

Magnetic writing board numbers home school learning tools

4. Treehole Spelling Game

Treehole Cognitive Alphabet Spelling and Exercise Thinking is a perfect tool for learning. It helps children to learn and recognize word in colorful and playful way. Furthermore, kids brain development start at very young age so lets hep them to develop and explore in most exciting way.

Spelling game

5. Mathematical Intelligence Sticks

Who would agree that Mathematics is one of the most hard lesson to teach? I guess most of parents will agree in this statement. Most parents know how mathematical operation works such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. However, we find it highly difficult to explain especially when you are not good in explaining things. Worry not! This Mathematical Intelligence Sticks are good enough for explaining Mathematics. Thanks to its colorful sticks, our kids can now enjoy the subject while playing games.

Mathematical intelligence sticks home

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