Less than Php 17,000 gaming desktop – AMD Ryzen 5

Looking for an affordable gaming desktop?

If you are looking for an affordable and yet good gaming desktop. This build might be a good setup for you.

Processors (CPU) and Motherboard (MOBO)

Since I am looking for an affordable and yet powerful processor. I started searching and comparing AMD against INTEL processor. I found a cheap Intel i series processor which is i3-9100f while Ryzen 5 2600 from AMD. In the end, I chose AMD.

I found an AMD Ryzen 5 bundled with motherboard, RGB CpU fan and a DDR4 memory for a good price from EasyPC.

  • CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
  • CPU COOLER: DarkFlash DARKVOID Top-Flow Air CPU Cooling Cooler heatsink with 125mm LED
  • MOBO: MSI A320M-A Pro Socket Am4 Pcie Ddr4
  • MEMORY: Lexar 8gb 1×8 2666 Ddr4 Value Memory
  • PRICE: Php 10,320
gaming desktop cpu and motherboard

Hard Disks | HDD | SSD

For best performance, boot up and better I/O read and write, I have purchase a Solid State Drive (SSD) by SanDisk from EasyPC. I have an old 500Gb Sata hard-drive that I used as secondary disk where I can store all my data.

  • PRICE: Php 1,950
gaming desktop sdd

Video Card | GPU

I bought an affordable brand new video card from facebook market place.

  • Sapphire Pulse 2GB 128bit GDDR5
  • PRICE: Php 3,500

Power Supply | PSU

I recommend not to purchase a generic power supply if you are into gaming or any tasks that may require extensive usage of GPU. If you have a budget, buy at least 600 watts true rated power supply. However, if no budget at least buy a second hand true rated power supply. It is better to have a second hand true rated power supply than a brand new generic one.

I had purchased a second hand true rated Zalman ZM LE II 700 watts power supply from Openpinoy.


If you are looking for a good and yet good looking gaming chasis for your desktop then you are going to love Fantech CG71 case.

  • Screwless sata hard-drive case
  • Cable organizer
  • Compatible to ATX and M-ATX motherboards.
  • Built-in RGB lights
  • Minimalist and modern style
  • PRICE: Php 1,900

Completed Build

I tried to search same specification from facebook marketplace. Seems some sellers are selling the desktop with same specification ranging from Php 25,000 to Php 28,000.

As of the moment, I only tested Jump Force game.

Gaming desktop
Gaming Desktop

Actual build and setup

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