Magnetic Writing Tablet – Learn to write letters and numbers

What is a Magnetic writing tablet?

Magnetic writing tablet is like a tracing paper that has a stroke instruction as guidance. It have small magnetic balls where it pops-out whenever the style point to it. The good thing about Magnetic tablets is that your kid’s eyes are not going to be expose in radiation such as Android tablets, iPad or computers. It has the basic function which it to help you kid’s muscle to remember how to write letters and numbers.

Today, most of the children would love to play, write and do exciting things. Why not use it as an advantage to teach them? Our kids learning experience will never be the same again. It is exciting, fun, enjoyable and most of all not complex tool to use.

There are 3 types of Magnetic tablets. Firstly, the tablet for capital letters. Secondly, the small letters magnetic tablet. Lastly, the number magnetic tablet. All of these tablets have guidance to follow which is the correct way to write numbers and letters.

Capital Letters

Small Letters


Conclusion and recommendation

To conclude, this type of teaching and learning school are perfect for all ages. Trust me, even adults will find themselves enjoying it. The sound of small magnetic ball whenever you point the stylus into it is so satisfying.

Furthermore, when your child or students will consistently use it to practice writing, it helps them to memorize or remember the right stroke. As a result, it will be easier and faster for them to start writing.

I agree that it is difficult to teach children especially when you are not good at it. However, with the right tool and correct approach we will be able to achieve it. My kids love this tablet so much and I have the assumption that your kids will love it too.

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