Quick and easy bento recipe idea for kids | Panda and Bear sandwich

Why do we need creative food such as bento?

Quick and easy bento recipe is a good option to let your kids enjoy their meal. Today, it is highly important to be creative in preparing snack or meal for kids. The more colorful the meal is, the greater the variety of foods your kids might eat. Furthermore, making panda and bear faces out of bread and give it a crazy names are cool ideas. Anything cute or little is always a hit for kids. Use bread and fruit cutters to turn their food into flower shape, which kids always love.

How to make quick and easy bento recipe?

I made a Panda and Bear sandwich for my daughter’s school snack box. She loved it. Interestingly, her classmates loves it too!

You might think that bento snack box is difficult especially when you are not artistic at all. Fear not! Perhaps this quick and easy bento recipe is what you are looking for.

Please watch this video for the full tutorial on how to make a Panda and Bear sandwich.

Panda and Bear sandwich Ingredients

Peanut Butter
Bread Sticks
Fruit Loops
Choko Choko (chocolate cream stick)


Panda and Bear Cutters
Flower Cutter
Silicon cups


In conclusion, bento recipe is just compose of colorful foods which is appealing to the eyes of your kids. There are hundreds of quick and easy bento recipe online. However, the food we are going to use is our choice. We can always alter the recipe according to our kids’ needs. Perhaps, much better if we can put veggies and fruits instead of chocolates and candies.

I had so much fun making this easy Panda sandwich and I am glad that my daughter loved it. I am sure your kids will love your bento too.

Where to buy tools?

quick and easy bento recipe

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