How to build your own Smart Mirror like in Snow White?

Do you want to talk to a mirror?

Do you want a mirror who can answer you whenever you ask it? A mirror that can greet you and say something positive about you every time you look at it? Or perhaps a mirror you can ask who is the fairest of them all? This smart mirror is definitely perfect for you.

What is Smart Mirror?

Smart Mirror is also known as Magic Mirror is a open-source application that has voice intelligence AI named as Mycroft. Mycroft is like a cousin of Alexa, Siri, Google and Cortona. The only difference is that Mycroft is open-source and does not have advertisements. Magic Mirror allows you to talk to it and do some tasks such as greetings, schedule or put some reminders. It is exactly the same tasks you can do with Amazon Echo. The only difference is that is display in the mirror.

Mycroft AI

How does Smart Mirror work?

I created a Smart Mirror that can follow my voice and can choose which tasks I would like to display using my voice. I also created an android application on which I can control and configure the display position.

Things you need

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • 8Gb SD Card
  • Micro USB Raspberry Pi adaptor
  • Play Station 3 USB microphone
  • LED Monitor
  • Wood Frame
  • Two-way Mirror

How to setup and configure Magic Mirror?

Download the latest Raspbian image version and burn it to your SD card using Etcher. Please followup instruction here.

Once Raspbian OS has been installed, you need to install the Magic Mirror application. This is the application use to display inside the mirror. Please followup instruction here.

Manual install Mycroft the AI voice intelligence. Please followup instruction here.

Finally, Connect Mycroft AI to Magic Mirror in order to command the Smart Mirror. Please followup instruction here.

How to build Smart Mirror frame?

I haven’t put my Smart Mirror behind the mirror. That is the only missing piece in my project. On the hand, this video from Grensom in YouTube is what I plan to follow. He has a lot of instruction on how to do it. It is very useful and informative.

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