Hey Homeworx is a Filipino home based job hunting site and a family friendly blog site which is created, maintained and managed by single a person. I made this site to help people find jobs while enjoying their life with their families. I write content and create videos to give assistance to your problems that I have already encountered at home.

Furthermore, Hey Homeworx provides 100% free tools. I personally created as a help for the families that are starting their own business.


Yes! It is totally free. The goal is to help Filipinos to find jobs that are suitable to their skills while working at home. As we are in COVID-19 pandemic situation, more Filipinos are loosing their jobs. Hey! Homeworx would love to help them find a home based work and keep them safe at home.

Hey! Homeworx is strictly for home based opportunities only.


Hey Admin is the creator and administrator of this site. I am a Linux systems administrator with 10 years of experience and have a proven track record of success within companies in setting up and configuring servers. I implemented backup solution and contingency plans primarily on databases, repositories and servers downtime.

Today, I write blogs and tutorials about technologies and learning topics that are applicable to all households.

Why give free tools?

I used these tools in my own small business as well. I share this tool to all people who might need it or perhaps would be useful to them. It is 100% free to use and perfectly safe.

While all tools are free, I also accept donations for those people who are willing to give. Hopefully by using this donation I can maintain this site for a longer time. Thank you for your support in advance.

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